Sunday, September 9, 2012

Are we prepared for a 7.6 earthquake?

Not too long ago, a very strong earthquake (magnitude 7.6) hit struck in Samar.  It's very unfortunate to those who were affected but it could have been much worse.  Experts have predicted that if an earthquake with a similar magnitude takes place in Metro Manila and surrounding area, it would kill tens of thousands of people instantly and afterwards as a result of broken infrastructure, inadequate housing, food and water supplies, overpopulation in relief areas, and diseases from injuries sustained from the initial earthquake and sanitation issues arising thereafter.

This should be a reminder for all of us that disaster can be lurking anywhere, anytime.  How prepared is each and everyone of us? How is our government preparing its citizens and infrastructures to minimize the damage from such a catastrophic calamity?  Better yet, how would Filipinos react to very limited supplies of food, water, and housing? 

Is there a better approach than "bahala na?"

Hopefully, we'll never have to find out.

- Manila Pop Hits Radio Staff

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  1. I hope we are prepared when we hit by 7.6 magnitude earthquake. It is good to be ready than never.