Thursday, February 16, 2012

Manila Pop Hits Radio: Re-Launched!

To our kababayan's around the world, our sincerest apologies for being away for so long.  To tell you the truth, a number of POSITIVE changes in our personal lives caused the temporary hiatus of Manila Pop Hits Radio.  We won't discuss the details, but to make a long story short, we've made a decision that Manila Pop Hits Radio IS an important part of our lives.  It was not something we were going to give up easily simply because of other priorities we now have to focus on.  After several months of contemplating on what to do with this project, the following were considered:

* We could not simply give up the medium in which our talented kababayans share their passion of music to others.
* We have too many beautiful songs by incredibly talented artists which the whole world (or at least Filipinos around the world) NEED to hear. What is a song when nobody is there to hear it?
* There are too many positives in regards with the cultural impact of having a Filipino radio station which primarily feature Filipino artists and Original Pilipino Music.  There is continually a significant number of Filipinos growing in different parts of the world which need to understand the context in which a particular song was created by a fellow Filipino.
* Music, in its purest form, has the ability to heal the soul of its listener. 
* The Filipino population which is said to be 100 million worldwide and growing, many are Overseas Filipino Workers, who sacrifice sweat, blood, and tears for their loved ones back home.  Often, when they are at rest, many of them are recharged and relieved perhaps from their harsh realities by going back in a particular place and time triggered by a particular musical creation.

Maintaining this project for the long-term is worthwhile for the tangibles and the intangibles.

Improvements to the Manila Pop Hits Radio since the last time we were on-air mid-2011:

* Increased the bandwidth, whereas before we were broadcasting in "mono," now the radio quality is "stereo." A significant improvement especially for those who have very sharp ears for music.
* With the increased bandwidth, we have doubled the number of listeners who can listen at any given time simultaneously.
* We are continually adding new albums and songs to our playlists.  Those who have requested in our posts in various online forums should stay tuned for their songs to be played. A special thanks to the Pacland where we have so many kababayans who have truly supported Manila Pop Hits Radio!

Maraming Salamat Po! :-)

- MPHR Staff

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