Thursday, November 11, 2010

NEW MUSIC: Legendary NU 107's spirit lives on @ Manila Pop Hits Radio!

In the wake of the legendary NU 107's change of format, MANILA POP HITS RADIO would like to continue the spirit of Pinoy Rock 'N Roll by including the tracks of the following artists in our playlist (at one point or another would have been played in NU 107):

* Dicta License
* Rivermaya
* Siakol
* Joey Ayala
* Cantana
* Ego
* Errata
* Ridge
* Freestyle
* Wuds
* Barbie's Cradle

We also added the following Filipino musicians for your listening pleasure:

* Assunta de Rossi
* Stagecrew
* Michael V
* Ara Mina
* Dianne Dela Fuente
* Divo Bayer
* Gilbert Golez
* Hi Jakk
* Kyla
* Mari
* Rocky Lazatin
* Tin Arnaldo
* Wency Cornejo
* Rachel Alejandro

More music on the way!

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