Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bayad Ko by Gloc-9 feat Noel Cabangon

When an artist narrates the social realities of what he or she sees on an everyday basis (and perhaps, even experienced at some point in life), the audience can be captivated by the sharpness of the words, the haunting melody, and how it reminds of what is actually around them. Do we "see" them too?

In this track by Gloc-9 (Aristotle Pollisco) from his current album, "Matrikula" (Sony Music Philippines) featuring the unbelievable vocals of Noel Cabangon, Gloc-9 continue to be the voice of those who are struggling to battle the harshness of what life has offered to them. The narration is unforgettable which can be best described as piercing to the hearts of those who can be compassionate to the plight of others. The musical arrangement combined with the powerful chorus by Noel Cabangon, "Matrikula" stamps the genius behind the artist who chose to open the senses of his listeners in hopes that collectively we can improve ourselves and especially those who may be less fortunate than we are.

The youtube video below was uploaded by youtube user, ulyut31 (Live performance recorded from the Myx Channel). ~ MS

Bayad Ko by Gloc-9 featuring Noel Cabangon
Album: Matrikula (Sony Music Philippines, 2009)
Composed by Aristotle Pollisco
Published by: Music R Us Publishing Inc.
Arranged by: Jonathan Ong of of Sonic State Productions

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