Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gitara by Florante

Artist: Florante
Title: Gitara
Album: "18 Greatest Hits" (2009, Vicor Music)
Words and music by: Florante de Leon

After years of playing with several bands, Florante took the acoustic guitar path and pursued his music career as a folksinger. Florante began writing his own material and was immediately offered a recording contract that brought him stardom. His songs with poetic lyrics and catchy melodies became his trademark and are now considered classics. Recognized as an unparalleled composer in the entertainment industry, Florante without doubt is one of the most respected entertainment icons in Philippine show business. Hit songs include Pinay, Sana, Ako'y Pinoy, Abakada, and Handog. ~


Tuwing sasapit ang bawat umaga
inahaplos ko ang aking gitara
Gitara koy bahagi na nitong aking buhay
Sa hirap at sarap, kamiy laging magkaakbay

Lahat halos ng aking inaawit
Gitara koy katulong kung umiisip
Akoy pinalad mapadpad sa kung saan-saan
Kahit mahirap, ang gitara koy aking pasan


Kahit na kailan, kahit na saan pa man
Ang gitara koy aayon sa akin sa tugtugan
Kahit na kailan, kahit na saan pa man
Bawat himig ay aming bibigyang daan

Kahit sa tagumpay o kabiguan
Gitara ko ay aking kaibigan
Mulat-sapul pa man, gitara koy aking gabay
Wala pa kong pinagsisihang syang naging dahilan

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