Monday, April 26, 2010

George Canseco - A Brilliant Filipino Composer

In November 2004, the great Filipino songwriter George Canseco died in Manila at the age of 70. It has been noted that Mr. Canseco is credited in writing more than 160 songs in a career which spanned three decades. Words such as timeless, classic, and unforgettable may describe his music however, Mr. Canseco's contribution to the development of Original Pilipino Music through the extensive use of the Filipino language can never be measured. For generations to come, his music will performed by artists looking to express the genuine form of Filipino music composed by a brilliant Filipino from the innermost layers of his soul.


George Masangkay Canseco (b. 23 April 1934) Unlike most masters of music, multi-awarded composer Canseco had no formal training in music. He learned to interpret, write and compose notes at a very early age and he taught himself to play the piano. Canseco finished journalism at the University of the East and worked for the Philippines Herald and Associated Press as an editor. Aside from being a journalist, he also worked as a part-time scriptwriter for the Manila Broadcasting Co and news director at Eagle Broadcasting. When Martial Law was declared in 1972, he turned to composing songs. His first composition was “I Will Never Be Yours,” followed by “You’re all I Love.” He translated the latter into Tagalog in 1970, when Eddie Rodriguez asked him to write a theme song for the movie “Kapantay ay Langit.” The song became a big hit and gave Canseco instant popularity. “Kapantay ay Langit” paved the way to numerous hit songs like "Kailangan Kita," "Ako Ang Nagwagi, Ako Ang Nasawi," "Ngayon At Kailanman," "Dito Ba" and "Langis at Tubig." Canseco’s songs have helped most of our talented performers’ rise to fame. He has composed hits for singers like Basil Valdez, Kuh ledesma, Sharon Cuneta, Dulce, and Pilita Corrales. He also directed the music of such movies as Burlesk Queen, Pagputi ng Uwak, Pag-itim ng Tagak; Atsay, and Miss X. Between 1979 and 1991, he has won a total of 6 FAMAS Awards for Best Movie Theme Song.the Artistic Achievement Award.
Please click below to see a video (posted by youtube user, iyatco) by The Megastar, Sharon Cuneta (in Vancouver, Canada in 2007) perform a powerful rendition of George Canseco's nationalistic "Ako ay Pilipino."

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