Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Charice - You Only Have to Wait (Maghintay Ka Lamang)

Original version by: Ted Ito
Tagalog Lyrics by: Vehnee Saturno
Video uploaded in youtube by: itchelielie


If things aren't going your way today,
Don't be impatient because that's the way life in this world
Don't lose hope
Happiness will come soon
Just keep in mind that there's still tomorrow
And happiness awaits
Failure is not a hindrance that you have to shy away from
Don't evade it when you fail
Instead you must stick to the fight
What you need is inner strength
When confronted with adversities
The light won't take too long
To be seen again
The world turning is not all about heartbreak and failure
Your dreams will be achieved
You only have to wait...

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